Carroll County farmers Marcie Brewster and Dane Schumacher sell vegetables, herbs, strawberries, cut flowers and bedding plants in spring and summer; vegetables, evergreen wreaths and garlic braids in fall and winter; and home produced bread and jams whenever we have them. Our main supporters are our CSA customers who join annually for six months of fresh produce from our garden. With our new hoop house now operational, we hope to have greens available through the fall and into winter.

We do not till our ground. We break new ground by using mulch to kill back the top growth. We use all hand cultivation and mulch, letting the earthworms aerate and build soil for us. We believe in a long-term, friendly relationship with all the farm beings. We use no synthetic chemicals of any kind and avoid the use of pesticides, even organic ones.

Long-term relationships with our customers are important to us, too. We strive for the highest quality and abundant harvests. We encourage customers to visit the farm, volunteer help on the farm or spend time enjoying the beauty of our creek and land.